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My Encounter with Indonesian Chinese

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My Encounter with Indonesian Chinese

This happened when I was in Secondary Four and the story goes on…

As my sisters were all married, I had been occupying the whole room to myself since Primary Six. Occasionally I will invite friends up to either play video game / Digimon or watch porn together (One of my friend had access to his dad’s porn collection.). That was when I learned about masturbation and I will do it whenever I had the urge while home alone.

I really enjoyed my private space as a young teen until one day, my dominance was disturbed by the news from my parents.

No news is good news, but little did I know that this piece of news came with a surprise.

(We spoke in Hokkien but I translated into English.)

Mum: “Boy ah, I have friends coming over from Indonesia this weekend and they need to stay in our place until they can find other accommodation.”

Me: “Huh! Who are they? And how many of them?”

Mum: “It is my friend’s wife and daughter.” (It was actually her friend’s mistress, but she didn’t want to expose them.)

Me: “Then they sleep where? Our house so small.” (It was still a three room flat.)

Mum: “Hmm. You have to move out of your room for a while and sleep in the living room.”

I was ranting and cursing while packing the things I needed out of the room. No matter what objection I had, she was the owner of the house and she had the final say.

Then came this dreadful day when I had to move out of my room totally.

My parent were out by noon to fetch them from the ferry terminal, leaving me alone at home. Feeling bored, I suddenly had the urge while watching television, so with the help of dirty magazine (Borrowed from my friend.), I started to DIY in the room.

Just a few minutes into the action, I heard familiar footsteps outside the corridor moving closer to my house. I paused for a while thinking to myself how can it be possible that my parent returned so soon?? But I realized I was wrong when the lock was meddled with. My heart was t……

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Zoukout 2014

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Zoukout 2014

As many would have known, Zoukout had been a tradition in the clubbing scene.

Every year, tens of thousands of clubbers from all around the world gathered together at Sentosa for two nights of dance, music, booze and probably, sex.

Personally, I only started indulging in Zoukout in the recent years and had found it to be pretty unique and attractive in my opinion.

That being said, Zoukout 2014’s tickets were just released on the internet and many of us, started our planning for the details as it was pretty much a routine for us to do so every year.

I had a friend that usually did all these planning and his name was Jack. And while I was in the office, Jack created a Whatsapp group and invited the few of us into it and we started liaising on the details.

I was looking forward to it because every year, Zoukout managed to provide us with a different kind of experience and it was simply mind blowing, considering the fact that it only happens once a year.

After much consideration, we decided to go for all two nights this year as it was really worth it if we bought the tickets under the two day festival pass.

Time flew and before we knew it, we were a week away from the first night.

We organized an outing so that we could go purchase those necessities that were required at Zoukout and halfway through, we started chatting about the girls and women at Zoukout, our past experiences with them, etc.

We even had plans to go our own separate ways if we managed to hook someone up that night, it was fun, even if it was just talking about it.

It was 12 December 2014, which was also the first night of Zoukout 2014.

We were all looking forward to the event and I personally was looking forward to my hotel suite, which I pre-booked in advance in lieu of Zoukout.

Most of my friends would prefer to head home and come another day, but I would prefer to stay there and the suite could also come in handy if the night got interesting.

On the day……

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Fitting room at shopping mall. Exciting + Nervous

Fitting room at shopping mall.
Exciting + Nervous

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Deflowering a Virgin (Lesbian.) During My OCIP Trip

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Deflowering a Virgin (Lesbian.) During My OCIP Trip

This story happened almost three years back when I was attending one of the three local universities in Singapore. I was happily attached back then with a wonderful girlfriend and only signed up for this CIP trip because some of my close friends were involved and I decided that it was a cheap two week get away from my studies in school. Warning, I am making this a slightly longer narrative story, so people that are interested in a colorful story about how we fuck here fuck there, please be advised that it wouldn’t be this case here. Thanks!

The CIP preparation started before we went overseas. We had some gathering to introduce ourselves and came up with activities we wanted to do there. It was in one of the gatherings that I laid my eyes on this particular girl, let’s call her Serene (Not her real name.). Serene was about 1.6m tall, probably around 46 kg. She didn’t have a gorgeous face, but what attracted me was her shapely legs… I was a legs guys and her legssssssss were so toned and so amazing and she loved to wear those tight shorts (Jeans material.), to show off her amazing legs that I couldn’t help but keep staring at them. Oh, did I mention that she was also a lesbian, with an active lesbian partner.

So anyway, to keep the boring start to our adventure short, we got to know each other just like any other friends in the OCIP trip.

OCIP proper.

So came the day when we had to go for the OCIP trip in some parts of China. When we reached the village of our CIP trip, we settled down in our respective houses and started doing our respective duties. But as we were in a foreign land, every night we will gather at someone’s place and had a TCSS gathering about the daily activities, gossiped about school and really very random stuff. So it was one of these sessions (I think it was the third night.), that it happened that Serene suddenly remembered that she left her cell phone at her place and wanted to get it. As it was a village area and night time……

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How I Broke My Best Friend’s Cherry

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How I Broke My Best Friend’s Cherry

Story submitted by: Jon

I am Jonathan and I would like to share with you guys my ‘First time’. It all started when I was sixteen years old, I had a very close friend named Skylar. She may look like an average girl, small and slim, tall about 1.7m, size 24A, but she had a great complexion and looked amazing even without make up.

We were in the same class for four years and when we had reached our final year, we frequently met up to study together, although most of them ended up with us playing.

One day, when we were studying in the school library as usual, we were quite focused on our revision, with our ear pieces plugged in. Both of us did not realize that it was almost 6 pm and the school library was closing. After a while, I had decided to take a five minute break. I looked at my phone and to my shock, it was already 6.30 pm.

As we always sat in the corner seat behind the shelves of books, there was more privacy. It meant that it was hard for the librarian to spot us before locking the library doors.

I quickly shook Skylar to tell her that we were locked inside the library. At first, she seemed annoyed that I had disrupted her from her revision, but after she realized the situation we were in, she started to panic. I slowly stroked her back, trying to reassure her while frantically trying to think of an idea to get us out of here.

I checked my phone and realized my phone was about to be dead and Skylar had forgotten to bring her phone as she rushed out of her house today. I started to think our parents will definitely look for us.

I asked her, “Your parents! If they realized that you’re not home, they would definitely call the teachers, and they might find us trapped here… How are we going to explain to them?!”

She replied in an anxious yet calm tone, “It won’t work, Jon. They are overseas, my older sis is staying in a hostel, no one will know if I am home or not.”

My parents were overseas too. As we looked through our options,……

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Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

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Our Ten Most Read Steamy Tales of 2016

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Our Ten Most Read Steamy Tales of 2016

There are a total of 217 Singapore or Malaysia steamy stories published up to the last day of 2016. Of these stories, the following ten wonders are the most read so far since day one. We have included a small paragraph from each of these best stories.

If you have enjoyed these stories on this website, please consider contributing your adventures! You can write them in your own document (*.doc or *.txt.) And send them over via the form. You can also write your story in the text box within the form.

If you are interested in the same list for 2015, here is the link.

Number 1: Just Now My Aunt Sat on My Lap

(This story was Number 4 in 2015.)

As soon as my dad made a detour, my Aunt removed her right hand from the front seat and dipped it down between her thighs. I could feel her fingertips at the base of my KKJ as she frantically rubbed her sensitive love button. She was trying to speed up her climax.

Number 2: Fifteen

(This story was Number 1 in 2015.)

Within seconds, I was smacking my pelvis against Cidney’s behind, filling the room with the sound of our bodies slapping against each other. I lifted Cidney’s right leg slightly off the ground and she struggled to balance with her left heel as I ploughed my dick into her love hole.

Number 3: My Pretty Tuition Teacher

(This story was Number 2 in 2015.)

Slowly, more and more of my bro disappeared into her mouth and I could now feel her tongue flicking the pee hole. Really very shiok and erotic. My first time. Then she stopped stroking the shaft, left the hands massaging the balls and her head bobbed up and down.

Number 4: My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

(This story was Number 8 in 2015.)

I wasted no time, noisily slurping and licking at the juices that were dripping out of her pussy. When da gets excited, she got really wet and I always took great pleasure in drinking every last drop of her yummy juices.

Number 5: My Poly Classmate

(This story was Number 3 in……

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Accident Does Happen!

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Accident Does Happen!

I am tempted to share my experience with fellow bros here on my sister in law. Cindy, 29 years old is the wife of my wife’s older brother. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. Cindy came from a wealthy family and was sheltered and extremely pampered for all her life. The only job that this girl ever had was being a flight stewardess for six months when she was 22. Anyway, this girl was not the typical dumb kind, she was just ignorant. In my opinion, she had a black belt in shopping, fine dining and the luxuries in life. She just lacked proper knowledge. Her world revolved around luxury and luxury only.

Anyway, Cindy and her husband were back for the Chinese New Year last year. They had just had a Christmas baby boy. The in laws were very eager and excited to see their newly minted grandson. They had a nice big condo of their own, but they ended up staying at my place because theirs was rented out to some expat family due to their long absence. My brother in law was a banker based in Hong Kong. We only got to see them during this period of time unless we made a trip down to Hong Kong. My brother in law returned to his job on the third day of Chinese New Year. Naturally, my in laws demanded that Cindy and the baby stayed longer so they can spend more time with the baby.

Things were back to normal after the initial Chinese New Year rituals, dinners, ang baos, visiting and all that. My wife made a trip to France for nine days, it was usual for her to travel once or twice a month for her work. The only difference this time was that I ended being home with Cindy and the baby most of the time. My company did not allow employees to carry forward their leave. Anything from the previous year had to be cleared by the end of the following March or it will be forfeited. I had been with my company for fifteen years and had about thirty days to clear. I will be home from Chinese New Year till the middle of March.

It was quite bad in the beginning, we had no maid in……

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The Swimming Coach

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The Swimming Coach

Story submitted by: Daniel

Cheryl was a normal fifteen year old girl who took regular swimming classes with her coach, Tan. She started classes when she was eleven with a previous coach, but had to change due to the previous coach’s retirement. Tuesday afternoon was the normal schedule for Cheryl so coach Tan stuck with that schedule. The swimming pool was public and it was quiet as it was a working day, only a couple of families and kids wading around and Tan’s three students, one of which was a male. Cheryl was the main student as the rest were not of much use.

Cheryl then began to warm up in the pool with her usual routines with coach Tan supervising her. She was wearing an Arena one piece swimsuit which complimented her firm assets. She did not have a killer body, but it was just right for any guy to simply fall in love. Coach Tan was looking or rather ogling her from a distance, watching her swim was as if it was the first time, literally.

An hour later, coach Tan dismissed the group and he went to settle administrative matters with his other students.

“Finally finished already, I really need to pee.” She whispered to herself.

However, she was too urgent as she held her bladder for the longest of times. She could not even get out of the swimming pool.

“Shit, need to do in the pool.” She said while cupping her crotch.

She then let go of her hands, pulled aside the suit and started to pee. As there was not much activity in the pool, it was quite still and there was a visible yellow hue to the waters around her. Not aware of her surroundings, coach Tan was on the ledge where she was doing her business.

“Ahem, miss, I believe what you have been doing is a bit inappropriate.” Coach Tan said to her. She jumped from her spot and quickly waved away the contaminated water, which in turn, she released more due to the shock. She was sobbing uncontrollably and kept apologizing to coach for the thing she did. Her face was red from embarrassment……

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