My Filipina Maid Yvonne

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My Filipina Maid Yvonne

Well, I have a friend who runs a maid agency, so naturally I will take a maid from him… So 1 day, I went to his shop and when I entered his shop, I straightaway took notice of this maid, who doesn’t look like a maid at all.

There was a certain grace and charm of this special maid… In fact, she was a really pretty and cute maid…

So when I waited for my friend to come back to his shop, I started to query around, and ask the staff about this maid… Ok, she is a Filipina, and had just come back from her employer… I requested that I can ask her some questions…

So she came over to my seat, her name is Yvonne, 25 years old, single from the Philippines. She was sweet, and shy when she answered my questions, about why she come back, whether she can cook…

Soon, my friend came back… And I told him I wanted this maid… And it was pretty obvious he knew what was on my mind, and he jokingly said, “Make sure you don’t make her pregnant and had to be sent back to Phils.”

I requested for her bio-data… And I took out my camera to take a good picture of her… On the pretense that I wanna show her pic to my mother.

So the next day, I went down again, because I can’t wait to meet her.

When I walk in, she was reading a recipe book… She was very happy to meet me, her future employer.

I was the only customer in the shop at that time, so I was able to chit chat with her, and she was very shy… Sometimes, we just smile and smile at each other, oblivious to the other maids, and staff in the office at that time.

Please do not be mistaken, I really like her, and she was like a shy gal meeting an admirer in school… And seeing the day she talk, smile, and her body gentle movements, make me like her even more.

Eventually, my friend was making fun of me by saying, “Christopher, why dun you take Yvonne out for lunch?” Usually maids aren’t allowed out with customers before all the paperwork is done.

Ok, so I brought Yvonne to the……

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