To Cut a Long Story Short – Party Treat

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To Cut a Long Story Short – Party Treat

I get off the bus and walk through the Pasir Ris Park, passing families and couples out for their evenings, enjoying themselves, as I head towards the chalet area. The cool evening air blows in my face, as I walk up to the door of the chalet I was instructed to go to, noting that the curtains are drawn fully across, and a recognizable pair of shoes is already at the doorstep. I knock on the door, and wait, as the door opens, and my best friend – well, actually, more of my former best friend nowadays – opens the door and lets me enter, closing it behind me.

“You can go upstairs and wait first.” she orders. I nod, walking up the narrow staircase to the small room, noting that the first floor seems to be laid out for a party, with food and drinks. It is obvious whose birthday it is, of course, because I wouldn’t forget my former bestie’s birthday, but as to why I am there? That’s still a mystery. It is definitely not because she’s inviting her best friend over for cake and drinks.

She enters the upstairs room after about ten minutes of me sitting on the bed idly, and looks me over. “Seriously? That’s the best you could wear? Go put on some makeup. Put on lots of it, in fact. Nice and thick.” She tosses her makeup bag at me, and leaves the room. I open it and slowly, reluctantly doll up my face, making sure to put on lots of thick, bright red lipstick and eyeliner, the end result looking like some cheap girl along the streets at night waiting for men.

“Well, looks like at least you can do something right.” She smirks, entering the room again. “Take off your clothes, and stay upstairs till you’re wanted.” I obey, silently stripping off my tank top and shorts, then pulling off my bra and panties, dropping them into my bag, which she slings over her shoulder and sets off down the stairs, locking the room door behind her, leaving me naked. I pull the blanket over me and wait, staring into space and daydreaming to pass the time. I can hear people arriving one b……

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