Judy Jie

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Judy Jie

One late evening about 10 pm, on my way home after a school discussion, I felt fucking horny after seeing the jiggling breasts of Bee Lian (a busty chio cock teasing classmate; I often fantasize to cramp her chi-chi-zha-zha mouth with my sausage.), in her loose school t-shirt whole night long. When I passed by Judy’s salon, I noticed that the light was still on, and the ‘Closed’ sign was displayed. I peeped through the poster-covered glass door and saw Judy working alone at the counter. She was wearing a flowery blouse with the top two buttons unbuttoned, and a pair of tight jeans that emphasizes her big rounded buns. I knocked and waved to Judy. When she came and bent down to unlock the glass door (at the lower corner of the door.), I got a clear view of her big snowy breasts agonizingly packed in bright red bra through her hung-loose collar. My semi-soft cock immediately went flag raising ceremony. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing. When she stood up, they bounced liked basketballs in the hands of Michael Jordan.

“Hi Judy Jie, working late?”

The Chinese has a saying: xian li hou bing (manner first, war later.)

“Ya, why are you so late.” she stared at me, not noticing that her blouse was still rather wide-opened to expose the top part of her breasts, the bright red bra and the inviting cleavage.

“Hhmmmmnnnn.” I was lost in her headlights glare.

She realized my starring and bowed down to discover her indecency, “Hei. Naughty you, never see before meh? Judy Jie so old already, you still want to peep.” But she made no attempts to cover up.

“No lah. You are not old wat.”

“Ya lah ya lah, come in and later walk me home ok?” she put her arm around mine and pushed me from behind towards the counter. I felt the heat from her straining breasts on my arm. My cock raised higher.

“Hey boy, I think your hair need a trim. You want, Judy Jie can cut for you now.” she toyed with my hair and said.

“Eeeerrrrr. Ok.”

She sat me in the hair……

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