A Lesson in Masturbation

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A Lesson in Masturbation

This happened quite some years back.

I had a very close friend who was my neighbor and was always playing since young.

At that time, I was about 15 years old while he was 13 years old.

He was always very curious about sex and didn’t even know what masturbation was.

After trying in vain to explain to him in words, I decided to show him one day.

It so happened that I managed to borrow a Playboy magazine from a classmate.

So we fixed a day to take MC to escape school and I had shown him how to masturbate till my sperm came out.

Everything went according to plan and we both got MC for a day.

However, when I rang his doorbell…

Jake: “Umm, Chris, think today cannot liao. Because my sis also got sick and she’s also on MC. Maybe another day.”

Me: “WHAT! I have to return the mag tomorrow leh. Besides, your sis will be sleeping rite? We just go to your room lor.”

Jake: “Quite true also. OK lor, but must be quiet leh.”

What a bad day. Why did Jake’s younger sis have to be on MC too? Anyway, we’ll be in his room the whole time, so shouldn’t be any problem.

We went to Jake’s room and locked the door.

Now everything was set and Jake was going to learn how to masturbate!

I took off my shorts and briefs, grabbed a few tissues and settled myself on his bed with the Playboy mag.

Jake was really silent and intently observing everything I was doing, including staring at the pictures of sexy naked women in the mag.

I started to slowly stroke my cock, turning each page slowly and picturing bonking each of them.

My cock was slowly hardening and it started to ache more each time I pumped it.

Man, it felt good. Not only because of the masturbation, but because someone else was looking…

It sort of gave me a kind of weird kick…

I started to pump harder and faster… Jake was also getting quite turned on and I could see his bulge through his pants.

I was going to cum soon with each pump of my hand…


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