Sergeant to Girlfriend

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Sergeant to Girlfriend


Story submitted by: Anonymous

Maybe every boy in Singapore hates NS but not for me. I am 25 now, wanna share my horny NS life with you guys.

When I was in NS my Sergeant was a woman. She was called Sergeant Ng, the first time I saw her I feel like bonking her. She had 35D breasts and her butt was so attractive.

One day I did something wrong and she said “Recruit Ben, report to me before you go to sleep at night.” Then I answered her, “Yes, Sergeant!” What I was thinking then was “Shit lah, die liao.”

Finally, it was at night. I walked to Sergeant Ng’s room. And when I entered, she was seated on the chair. Then she said, “Recruit Ben, I notice that you are every time looking at me during training.” I was stunned, then she walked towards me and my cock was starting to get hard. Then she slowly unbuttoned her clothes. Then she placed my left hand on her left breast. I gently squeezed, Sergeant Ng let out a soft moan.

I asked her, “Sergeant, are you single?” Then she gently said with a sexy tone, “Yes.” Then she started to unzip my pants. My pants dropped, then she bent down to pull down my underwear. My cock sprang out and she kissed the dick head, she then continued to suck for 10 minutes.

Then it was my turn to help her strip her pants down. I then carried her to bed and pulled down her pants while her bra was still on. I reached my hand behind and took her bra out, she had pinkish red nipples. I then pulled down her panties.

I started off with a french kiss and hugging each other. Then I started to lick and kiss her wet pussy. Then I kissed and squeezed her 35D big breast. She looked quite in pain so I never think of bonking her now. After that I asked her, “Be my girlfriend.” and she nodded her head.

After a week she told me she had to go to England with her parents for 2 years. I was quite sad when I sent her off at the airport, I gave her a goodbye kiss and told her to be careful.

Fast forward to 2 years later

I had……

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