Teen Days True Story

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Teen Days True Story

I had this crush back then in Secondary School, We were both Secondary 3 then. We met because we were both in Track and Field. Both of us represented the school and we trained weekly together with the school team. Being a marathon runner, she had the most perfect figure you would ever imagine. She was lean and even had a hint of abs. She had the most amazing skin ever – very white and smooth, just like a baby’s. Her complexion was perfect as well, never had a pimple in her life I am sure. Her breasts, then were at least B+.

Our coach would make us do speed training, we would sprint 100m, then rest 30 seconds, then sprint 100m again. This was very tiring, as it usually last over an hour. Whenever we had the chance to rest in those 30 seconds, I would take the chance to have body contact with her. After a while, I will pretend my stamina wasn’t as good as her and would sprint slower than her. At the finishing line, she would be waiting for me already. I pretended to be really tired and lean against her. Either holding onto her shoulder with one hand for support, sometimes brushing her soft bra ‘accidentally’ or my back leaning against her back if she sat down – feeling her firm buttocks pressed against mine. After a while, she got the hint that I liked her I think.

Being runners, we wore very little. It was always those short running shorts with a split on the side and singlet. After training, we would be completely shagged, she liked to lean against the wall when resting with her legs curled up. I always took the opportunity to peek at her panties. She always wore either white panties, or pink ones. Whenever I saw her undies, I got an instant hard on, the small shorts could not contain my erection and it became really obvious. I was sure she saw them.

After the workout, she would be stretching in a sitting position, reaching for her toes blending down a lot with me looking from across. Her singlet was a little oversize for her and would create a big ope……

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