Kelly, My Charming Hong Kong Colleague

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Kelly, My Charming Hong Kong Colleague

March 2005, I was then 35 and a senior events manager with an events organizing corporation in Singapore. I was already with the company for about 3 years and was known to be friendly, jovial and approachable by most of the company’s approx. 100 staff housed within our 5 storey building situated near the city. Most, if not all in my project department liked me and knew when it came to work I was dead serious, especially when an assignment was on tight schedule.

It was a typical Monday morning when a routine work progress meeting was held. In the meeting room on the 4th storey sat my entire project team comprising of my site manager, 2 production managers and 6 site supervisors. They were there to report on the work progress on 2 concurrent huge projects that were on tight schedule.

Joewi Iranto, my Indonesian Chinese boss in his early 50s joined us at the meeting that day as he was quite concerned for one of the event which he had secured by ‘snatching’ from our competitor for the first time. Towards the end of the meeting, he had made known that he would like me to focus on that event so as to ascertain success while arrangements were made for another colleague from Hong Kong to join us see through the other project which we had organized for 5 successive years.

The following morning, Joewi intercom me to his office and as always, started asking how was I and my family, how was work, blah blah blah… Then with a grin he went to his point for sending me. He said, “You know Kingston, Hong Kong office is sending us their newly engaged female events manager to take charge of our xxxx project.”

Me: “Cool, but is she really new?”

Joewi: “Well, all I know is she is 29 and graduated UCLE in Architecture and had 2 years of working experience with Sun Hung Kai properties in Hong Kong as a design consultant in the marketing department, so I think you might have to standby keep an eye on the project just in case the project needs your ‘attention’… You……

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