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Sex Craved Tutor

When I was still in school, my grades were average. Thus, liked many Singaporean parents, tuition became mandatory. One tutor, Miss Ng, who tutored me Maths stood out. I still remembered the first day I met her. She was about 1.6 m tall, had small features (Nose, mouth.), but her eyes were really beautifully olive shaped. She wore a tight t-shirt and jeans on the first day. You could see her petite frame with B cup boobs (Big for her height.). She looked like those cute Chinese girls that you would want in your arms to protect.

Me: “Miss Ng.”

Miss Ng: “Hi (Name.).”

Me: “Let’s go up to my room.”

Miss Ng: “Can I use the toilet first?”

Me: “The toilet is in my room.”

She then followed me up to my room.

Me: “I help you turn on the light.”

Miss Ng: “Thanks” *She went in the toilet.*

What she didn’t know was that there was a small hole at the side of the door.

Of course, as a teenager with raging hormones, I took a peep, or more like watching the entire show. Haha.

She was doing her makeup etc.

Then, she unzipped her pants and pull down her panties. She wore those lacy G-string type. I erected right away as I saw her pussy. It was clean shaven and the color was those light pink type.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps and fumbled on the floor as my room door was still open (Stupid me. Forgot to close.). It was my mom.

Mom: “What are you doing on the floor?”

At that point of time, my heart was racing fast and Miss Ng came out of the toilet.

Miss Ng: “Peeping at me? Haha.” *Jokingly*

Me: “Noo…” *I stuttered.*

Miss Ng: “Just joking with you aha.”

Mom: “Miss Ng, can I speak with you about the fees?”

My mom and Miss Ng proceeded out of my room to talk about the tuition fees and stuff.

“Phew, what a close shave,” I thought to myself.

So Miss Ng came back in and we talked about my current results etc. Etc…

And she said her name is Steph and I could call her that.

Steph’s phone rang. She excused……

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