Chinese New Year Bonking

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Chinese New Year Bonking

An unexpected eve

Went to Balai on 02 February (Eve of Chinese New Year.), and met an old friend going back too. She’s alone too (Her name Nina.), and after exchanging some conversation, we headed into the ferry. The ferry was not really packed as expected, and we moved to the front of the ferry, and took one of the seats. The ferry departed at exact time… It was around half an hour after it left where I decided to take a puff.

Me: “I am going for a puff.”

Nina: “Oh. Ok. Can I join?”

Me: “You smoke too?”

Nina: “Yup.”

Me: “Ok. Let’s go then.”

As the ferry was quite shaky due to the wave, I held her hands, while moving to the back, and to the upper deck of it. There’s a few men looking over to us, or should said her, as she’s wearing a spaghetti top and a short mini denim shirt, revealing her long sexy, but kind of tanned legs. After lighting our cigarettes, we started puffing off. Managed to hold on her waist while smoking, due to the wave… And surprisingly, she did not reject. I took the chance in holding her nearer to me…

After puffing, I held her hands again, and went down and back to our seats. This time round, I put my hands over her shoulder, and pulled her slightly leaning against me. Her little breast cleavage can see from my position, as she’s quite short (Roughly about 150 cm or so.). I smelled her hair, and out of sudden, gave her a peck on her little cheek. She blushed immediately. I again gave her another perk on her cheek, and another one on her lips when she turned towards me slightly. I wanted to continue kissing her lips, but she slightly moved her head backwards…

Nina: “Aiyo. Don’t lah. So many people.”

Me: “You smell so nice.” (I whispered to her.)

Nina: “Where got. Your nose got problem lar…” (She blushes again.)

Me: “Is it? Maybe lor. Must smell more nearer then can know.”

Without further hesitation, I moved my head towards her neck area, and smelled and licked on her neck. She giggled a bit,……

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