My Journey

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My Journey

Losing my virginity

I was 18 years old at that time (Don’t ask me what I did before that. It’s all puppy love with no real action back then.), and was taking my A levels at a private institute.

One day while preparing to go to school, my pager beeped and it was an unfamiliar number so I returned the call…

“Hello? Who paged?”… Actually should have been the normal “Siang kar pager” but because it was an unfamiliar number so I had to be more polite when I was returning my page.

“Is that Andy?” A very beautiful voice replied.

“Yah, this Andy? Who’s this, may I know?”

“This is Julie here.”

“Julie from where?”

“Does it matter where I am from?”

“Yah, it does mainly due to 2 reasons, 1 I don’t know any Julie, 2 I am gonna be late for school.”

“To heck with school man, this morning you have Econs and I know every time you skip Econs class and drink coffee at the eatery downstairs so why are you telling me you are gonna be late for school?”

Well, this really set me thinking, how come I don’t know of any Julie and yet she knew so well about my class schedule and such?

Wanting to probe further so I carried on the conversation with her

“So where you get my number from and what do you want from me?”

“For goodness sake, don’t behave like a sissy will ya? You are a guy not a girl, why bother about where I get your number from? Next, you are not a millionaire so what can I want from you?”

“Ok, sounds logical, so may I ask Ms. Julie, how can I help you?”

“I need somebody to accompany me today.”

“I can’t, I got a game on in the evening and I need to be with the team at 5 pm.”

Was in basketball ECA back then.

“I know tonight’s the semis, but I assure you that you will be on time for the game”

“Ok where you wanna meet me? Time?”

“30 mins later at East Coast Mac for breakfast.”

“Wah Mac for breakfast, your treat arh?”

“Idiot! I let you choose, either you pay for breakfast or you pay for movies.”

“Ok ok I……

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