My Elder Sister’s Friend

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My Elder Sister’s Friend

Story submitted by: Wendy

I was a 15 year old, Secondary 3 boy from a decent school. I was quite popular in school as I looked attractive enough, tanned, sporty and handsome. I enjoyed the occasional flirtations with cute girls, but I wanted to remain free from obligations, preferring the internet porn as every time was a different fantasy and it was so easy. What got me off real fast was my personal fetish of slender legs, short skirts – JC girls, especially because they had well developed figures and especially short skirts. I would enjoy jacking off to gals in school uniform and I had a favorite picture of a particular girl. Her legs were a sight.

I have an elder sister, Jaslyn, 18, who was in J2. She also wore the same uniform, from the same school. They could be friends, but I couldn’t ask my sister about it, of course. I tried to look through her Facebook friends, I only can guess, and hopefully I thought, it was Samantha, the hottest looking chick among my sister’s school friends, there were some uncanny similarities like the sharp pony tail, the length of hair and the rather large sling bag that also appeared in her Facebook pictures. She was the latest object of my lust. I could feel my heart racing faster and the light fuzzy feeling of excitement in my chest when I began masturbating knowing I be cumming for her. I would return to this picture just before I reached the point of no return.

However, recently the feeling had begun to wane and I was looking for more excitement. I tried searching for sex stories, f-Friday, sgerotica, Tumblr etc came out and also a Japanese hentai manga website. I spent hours going through the stories, it was very interesting reading stories for the first time, because you never know how the story is gonna go, and any twist that may come up. Boy, there were many genres of erotica, bestiality among the extreme (Not my type at all.). I found the school uniform to be especially appealing, progressively, it linked to……

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