my second life


hey all. welcome to my second life. 😉 my name is jay. and i’m 17 this year. (still technically underage :o) i used to be all innocent and stuff, and my parents were very protective. i started to experiment with a few friends :p and i decided to start up this blog to share my experiences with my fellow girls and guys.

my stats 🙂
name: jay
age: 17
height: 168cm
cup size: b cup
single: yes (i have a fb though)

let me know what you would like to know more about me!

So I’ve encountered another lovely local girl! And she’s only 18 this year! Really love seeing girls coming out to share their naughty side. I’ve read through some of the post, and this is one hot and horny little chick! 

If you’re interested in this lady’s stories or wanna peek a few photos that she posted, feel free to head over to her blog. And as many of her followers must be thinking, we hope we get to see more stuff on your blog. 

Would be awesome if you can submit something to my blog for sharing. And after reading all your stories, you’re one of the chick that i’d bang 😉 

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