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Office Experience

I used to work in a call centre downtown a few years back and being in a call centre, you will have to work shifts. Being a junior staff at that time, I was roster-ed to work a lot of night shifts a month. This being an international call centre, we had staff from different nationalities working in the call centre and during the night, we will be at a reduced staff strength of 2 –3 person.

Working at night had its privileges, as the call traffic was not heavy, so we can surf the net and chat on the phone plus watch VCD’s. It was during this period that I had 5 encounters that made life interesting.

Episode 1

I was working during night shift one day when my hand phone rang. It was my kaki Darren, asking me if I want to cheong as he will be going to be in town to paint it red. I told him cannot leh as tonight had to work. If want can come to my office and we can TCSS. He said see first. About 0100 hrs, Darren called me again and said that he will be coming over to the office to sleep the night away as he had no money to take a cab. “Okie, I will wait for you.” As we were not allowed to let outsiders to enter the office after office hours, I told him to give me a beep when he arrived and I will let him in through another entrance and led him to the conference room where he can spend the night.

20 minutes later, he called me on my hand phone and I proceeded to let him into the office. When I met him at the door, a girl was beside him. Average looking girl with a quite a nice figure with a B cup boob. I pulled him aside and asked what the fuck was he doing to bring a girl to my office. He said that he just met this girl at the pub and he decided to bring her here to TCSS, as I cannot accompany him the whole night as I am working. Being new in the company, I was pretty nervous to let both of them in but since they were here liao, so bo pian let them in and asked them not to make too much noise in the conference room. As they had also bought their own d……

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