A Short Affair with My Tuition Student’s Mum

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A Short Affair with My Tuition Student’s Mum

I completed my National Service in December 2002 after serving 2.5 years for the country. At the time, the hiring rate was slow as I remembered the country was still at the end cycle of an economic downturn. 6 months before I ORD, I sent out my resumes to many companies, but had yet to be called for interviews. Even there were some interviews, many companies said they will keep me in KIV as the companies can’t either wait for me to finish my NS or they had yet to be given a green light by their big boss.

By the time, I had collected my IC, I had yet to secure a job. Here I was, a graduate from a local polytechnic with merit was having difficulty in getting a job. I was not the only one. Most of my men and fellow NCO’s that ORD together with me were having a tough time getting a job. Day in, day out, I sent out my resume and beat the street for interviews. Some companies were willing to take me in but at a lower starting wage of $1000 plus NS incentive $1100. I rejected them as I felt that I could ask for a better starting wage.

Then one Monday afternoon as I was sitting on the steps of Funan Center after an interview, I met a former female classmate and asked me what I am doing. Her name was Jaslyn (Not her real name.).

“Hey! Aren’t you Joe?” Jaslyn asked as she stopped in front of me.

“Yup! And you are…” I replied and tried to remember who she was.

“It’s me Jaslyn, you remember me right.” She said ecstatically.

“Oh, Jas, it has been some time since our graduation ceremony.” I replied.

“Yah. By the way, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Relaxing before I go for my next walk in interview at Raffles City.” I said.

“You are looking for a job?” She asked.

“Yah. Haven’t secure one yet. Not easy to find a job.” I said as I sipped my last drop of coke.

“But didn’t you get a Dip with Merit?” She said.

“Yup, I did. But I think the employers might think I’m out of touch after spending 2.5 years in NS.” I said bitterly.


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