Adventures in Vietnam

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Adventures in Vietnam

Throughout all my sexcapades, I must say my fondest memories were when I was in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. So I will dedicate this story to my ‘Adventures’. Bros who have similar experiences, please feel free to contribute to the story with your own stories.

Although I have not been back to Vietnam for a few years now, but I still have very vivid memories of the place. The food, the continuous honking of the vehicles and simplicity of life there. I was there because of my first fling with a Vietnamese KTV gal I knew a while ago. Since my first trip there, I totally fell in love with the place. One of my favorite things I liked to do there, was to go visit this particular massage place. Sorry I kinda forgot the actual name but I remembered it starts off with the unit number of the place and it was right smacked in the middle of the city next to this very popular market that tourists go to.

So when I was there, I was first fascinated about the counter gals. They were dressed in their traditional cheongsam looking dress. I honestly find Vietnamese gals to be very attractive. Good figures and pleasant smiles. The dress was semi-transparent, which made a very good eye candy. But, they don’t do the massages though so too bad. Since my first time there, I was always serviced by this gal, Min. Sweet, petite size gal with a figure I give a score of 8/10. As I was there with my gal during my visits, she was always talking to my gal about me. Guess they had a thing for foreigners as she was saying how nice I was and blah blah (No intent of self-promotion so I will cut short on the compliments. :P). She will always smile at me when massaging me and her skills ain’t half bad.

Ever since I got together with my Viet fling, I will fly over to be with her when her visitation visa expired. So I was there quite often as you can imagine. I think it was during my 4th or 5th visit there, during one of my usual massage, Min was doing her usual procedures on my back then she……

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