i normally do not post any photos not belonging to me, but i…

i normally do not post any photos not belonging to me, but i came across this set of images that i thought i should share. Hot girl going at it with an old angmoh. Why dun our local girls want to fuck our local guys more? What a waste of horny chick. 

Quoted: “

The things you see happening at 3am in the morning on a Sunday night 🙂 Damn, if only I had upgraded my phone last week. The lucky bastard must have been in his 60s and she was a nubile Chinese girl (early 30s) with probably too much to drink.

Sigh, parking lots will never be the same again 🙂

Reply: “I think she’s Pauline Chan L.C. , who is known in the office as a weekend white huntress. I will copy the images and check with some colleagues in the office tomorrow

Anyone who knows this lady can confirm her identify? Maybe share more photos of her. 

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