So I’ve decided to get a new hobby for my free time when I’m not…

So I’ve decided to get a new hobby for my free time when I’m not enjoying myself with my girlfriends. This hobby will be called exposing SPG (Sarong Party Girls) or just local girls who wants an ang moh’s D over the local. And I got no qualms over exposing such girls, cause they can be fucking all other bros out there than having fun with those ang mohs. 

So let’s go with the first expose. 

Expose 01:

Name: Unknown                                                                                             Race: Chinese                                                                                                 Age: 18 (as of 2015)                                                                                       Height: 165cm                                                                                      Weight: 65kg                                                                                     Location: West 

Quote: “

Hey, I’m a chubby, 18 year old girl looking to be dominated. I’m not all that experienced but am more than willing to be dominated and spanked into submission.

Leave a message if you’d like me to be daddy’s little girl and we can work out our likes/dislikes. 🙂

So this little girl like to be spanked into submission, any bro who see her out there, feel free to dominate her. And actually I have her contact, contact me if you’re interested. She will love being dominated. 

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