can you show photos from your sex adventures?

I’d really want to show you but my sex partners aren’t really keen to release our pictures or videos online. However one of my sex partner said i can release her sexy photos from our chat if this blog gets popular and more fan submission. 

Or i also hope that i can find ladies who like to share to submit their photos/videos or even take em with me for sharing. I even have a photographer fan on standby to shoot for me;) 

Well hope to be able to share more things, but currently I’m only seeing girls who are quite reserved despite being horny. What a contradiction huh. 

But if you continue supporting, one day there will be more photos/videos. 

Keep the fan mails coming, or questions. I’m open to answer them as long as it doesn’t jeopardize my girls and my identity. Cheers and have fun having sex.

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