Under Lock… But No Key – Compulsory Swimming

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Under Lock… But No Key – Compulsory Swimming

I remembered my first time I was introduced to porn when I was 10. At that age, all I had was ‘Drygasms’. I could do multiple orgasms then! Extremely sad that I can’t do it now.

At 11, I started to cum. And no more multiple orgasms. Really jealous that girls can cum so many times in a row, but boys can’t. 🙁 My family had not found out, but my mom spotted stains on my bed. Oops. Damn embarrassing.

Since then, I masturbated every day, at least 3 – 4 times a day! It wasn’t until Secondary 1 that my father caught me. He was knowledgeable about kinky stuff, but never discussed it with me. He got a chastity cage from China (He worked overseas 95% of the time.), and shamed me in front of my mother and sister (Younger.).

Ever since then, I had been in my little cage, unable to get any real pleasure… But I had lots of exciting adventures!

I was locked in Secondary one, nearing the end of the school term. At first, there was this weird sensation, like there’s something on your cock and balls. I couldn’t erect fully, as the tube contained me. The device was made so that if I got hard, the entire device will move a little forward with my penis head. That was pure torture as the ring at the base put pressure on my balls. The cage did its job: To make me soft. After a few weeks, I got used to it and can control my erection somewhat. I guessed what many of you are dying to know is the frequency of my orgasms. That will come later and it will be exciting! 😉

In Secondary 2, my school had compulsory swimming lessons. It was a real oh fuck moment. What if my friends found out? Or worse, what if someone gossiped and it spread to the whole school? I don’t know about other secondary schools, but in mine, words spread fast. When I started Secondary 1 for just one month, I got to know which were the sluts in the school. Until I got locked. Damn. Back to the story, I begged my mom (My dad only came home twice a year, with some rare random visits.), to let me……

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