Getting Chicks

For my fans whose interested in where I find my partners. 

Well I find them on social platform, ANY social platform. I’m still not able to approach girls in real life, will get to it one day. Up the games. 

Even I’ve a number of partners, and a lot of girls who wouldn’t mind sleeping with me. The numbers of rejects and failures are even higher so you have to try and try. 

However, despite got a number of girls who want to sleep with me, I don’t have time for all of them. 

The important points are; you have to look at least decent (not ugly), be in a fit shape (there maybe some ladies who like those), have money and willing to spend (well that’s not my trick so I don’t go after such ladies). Having a car is a plus, and what’s most important is you must be able to host. 

I may share tricks on how girls work; the type, approach, and etc etc.. But I’m lazy and sleepy today so gonna see if people are interested. And hoping to have more fans soon. 

Although I’ve a number of partners, but I’m always looking for ladies who are more sporting that don’t waste time and know what they want. And best are ladies who like to contribute to this blog for all the fans. 

For couples, you guys can submit your home-made here. Identify will be protected, well you can submit them anonymous anyway but if you reveal yourself, maybe we can get together and do more fun stuff. 

For fans, I’ve found a few cute girls pictures/videos that I’m willing to share along my own partners. Just wanna see better respond and I’ll eventually post em up. I doubt there will be any more updates today, as I’m going out to try hunt in real life. Am so bored with my regular partners. 

Bye, stay horny, stay kinky and continue fucking. Life’s good when it’s full of pleasure. 


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