Adventures with My JC Ex-Girlfriend

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Adventures with My JC Ex-Girlfriend

I recalled last time when I was in Junior College (Wow si bei long ago liao.), got into my second relationship (My first one was in Secondary 3, and we were both first timers and quite hum ji, so didn’t do much except held hands, kissed and light petting – didn’t even see my first ever pussy.). Let’s call me Ray and my ex Debbra (Deb.). This happened when I was in J2 and she was in J1.

Deb was quite well endowed, a figure to die for, with a B cup and perky nipples that can protrude out of those teen bras. She was slim, around 1.6 m, and always went around with a ponytail and specs. Got to know her through the CCA orientation week when we welcomed juniors and subsequently, we got closer and closer and got together in the end.

Deb was not the party kind of girl, but she was a very open girl. Even before we got together, or in our circle of CCA friends, she’ll complain things like: Her bra uncomfortable, discussed sex stuff with our friends and teased other people… She had 1 ex-boyfriend before, of which she told me she only gave him a BJ and let him COB, that’s all. No sex. Of course I wasn’t thinking of bonking her the first day I got together, it subsequently led to that. (Normal mah right.)

We were very touchy and lovey dovey in school and in front of our CCA friends, and they always made fun of us asking us to ‘go get a room lah’, or sprouting stuff such as ‘eh, don’t anyhow touch touch here k… Some of us very innocent one’, to which Deb will always laugh her head off and scolded them ridiculous.

We had a CCA BBQ at ECP one weekend, and ended up playing truth or dare (As usual lah.), in the circle of our usual friends Nick, Jean, Huixian and Joan. And as all young, curious minds were, they led to the topic of sex subsequently…

Nick spun the bottle, pointed towards Joan.

Joan: “Walao eh, me again!” (She tio for the past 3 times and always kenna dared to do stuff like approach strangers, declare her ‘undying love’ to a teacher… ……

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