How My Fiancée Becomes a Sex Addict

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How My Fiancée Becomes a Sex Addict

Lily was only 21 when I first met her. She was still the innocent studious gal type. Studying in one of the private colleges. What attracted me to her was how innocent her face was… With her glasses. Wide lips… Small button nose… Brown eyes. Probably due to her Dutch dad and Malay mom combo. She always had this long messy hair, which strangely I always found it cute and sexy.

But… Despite that innocent cute face, she had a devilish body which was always well hidden with her simple clothes… Until she turned 24 last two years.

Now this is a story of what triggered her to bring out the nympho in her.

2012 June.

Me: “Hey dear… Your birthday is nearing… What do you want? Let’s go holiday in July. We never go overseas together…”

Lily: “Hmmmm… I want to… But scared my mom noisy again as always…”

Me: “Never mind… I ask her for you.” (I was friendly with her mom so she trusted me.) “We tell her we are going with few friends. Hehehe.”

Lily: “Up to you, dear…”

Following weekend…

Went to her place… For small family gathering… So took the opportunity to ask her mom. (By the way she was raised by her mom only.) Her dad passed away when she was 3.

Me: “Auntie. Ermm… You know it’s Lily birthday next month. I wanna ask your permission if we can go holiday to Thailand… It will be us and some friends…”

Her Mom: *Smiles. “Yes sure… It’s about time I let her have more freedom. Plus auntie knows you surely will take care of her… And you better make sure. When you plan to go? Got tickets… Lemme know I treat you your flight tickets for both…”

Me: “Oh! Really? Ok, thanks auntie. I let Lily talk to you…”

Went home that night feeling excited as it was in Singapore we barely bonked. She was against going to a hotel. She thought it was disgusting. So we had to end up waiting for chances when my place was empty.

Suddenly sexual ideas and plans started to creep into my head…

One day before……

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