The Seminar

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The Seminar

After a long 4 hours’ drive, I had finally arrived at the hotel where the business seminar was held. I parked my car and headed to the receptionist to check-in. Luckily I arrived a day earlier prior to the business seminar that started 3 days straight starting Friday. There went my weekend of relaxation. Instead, I was stuck attending the seminar that was important to my business.

After checking into my room, I headed out to explore the hotel. Finding where the seminar will be held the following day, I headed to the ballrooms and noticed that the hotel was already running a training seminar across the ballroom which my seminar will be held soon. I was about to peek into the ballroom when the door swung open and there she stood before me. Both of us were surprised and startled at the same time. Almost immediately we apologized to each other for bumping into each other. She asked me if I was an attendee and were late for the seminar. I just said that I was here attending the next seminar and was just being curious about the seminar that she was in. To avoid further awkwardness, I quickly extended my hand and introduce myself as Mr. N. She smiled and introduced herself as Ms. V. You excused yourself, as you’re actually heading to the ladies. I apologized again for the interruption.

When you came out of the ladies, you noticed that I was still around the area reading some materials at the table. You noticed that I accidentally dropped my money clip when I was taking my handkerchief out. You quickly picked it up and said, “Excuse me Mr. N, you dropped your money clip.” I turned around and saw you again. I smiled and thanked you, “Oh, thanks Ms. V. What a klutz, I am.”

Both our hands touched when I took the money-clip from you. My body instantly felt an electric shock and my cock twitched, with my heart beat suddenly accelerated. You didn’t seem to mind my hands touching yours. You can feel my warm hands and was smitten with a broader smile on your face at……

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