Room at the Top of the Stair

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Room at the Top of the Stair

This is another encounter that I had and it dated back to 2004. When ICQ was still very popular.

During the day time when I was doing nothing in the office, I always logged in to ICQ and looked for gals to befriend and chat. I chanced upon this lady named Caterine, she was 24, staying in Singapore. So I decide to add her as a contact and surprisingly, she accepted and we began chatting online. I found out that she was a school teacher…

Unlike chatting with others gal in different professions, this one was a school teacher and she always corrected my typing on grammar and spelling, etc. Like what Sam used to correct Samster on ‘advice and advise’. To me as long as I got the meaning understood by the readers, it’s already ok liao, no need to be perfect.

She: “What is your profession?”

Me: “Pimp.”

She: “So how many gals working for you.”

Me: “Countless.”

She: “You lying.”

Me: “Yea me lying on the office sofa now.”

She: “Kekeke, sofa? You mean your office got sofa to sleep?”

Me: “No, it is for making out.”

She: “You do it in the office?”

Me: “Why not? As long as my door is locked, nobody dare to come in.”

She: “Where is your office located?”

Me: “Orchard.”

She: “Oh, must be doing well.”

Me: “So so only lah.”

She: “You have not told me what is your name?”

Me: “Just call my nick when you COME.”

She: “Idiot you.”

Me: “You in school now?”

She: “June holidays.”

Me: “Oh ya, forgot my kids are at home.”

She: “You married?”

Me: “Of course, by the way, I respect teachers because they have a lot of patience.”

She: “Oh ya, you need to have that especially dealing with monkeys.”

Me: “So you teach secondary or primary.”

She: “Secondary.”

Me: “What school is that?”

She: “XXX School in the west.”

Me: “So you are not going overseas for holidays?”

She: “Salary miserable, need to give parents and help maintain younger brother in the university now.”

Me: “Oh, I see, hard on you.”


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