My CILF (Cousin I’d Like to Fuck)

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My CILF (Cousin I’d Like to Fuck)

I have 5 aunts and 3 uncles on my mother’s side, all born during the baby boomer era of the late 50s – early 70s. Needless to say, I have a lot of cousins, all of which are around my age.

There is this female cousin of mine, in particular, who is the same age and was in the same Secondary school as me – let’s call her Mel. However, we were not particularly close at all, despite seeing each other every weekday – I was in a particularly ‘cool’ clique and had a reputation for being happy-go-lucky, while she was a more introverted person and didn’t confide in people easily.

This all changed in Sec 4 and ironically, it was my first girlfriend who brought us closer together. Apparently she was a childhood friend of Mel as well, one of her first real close friends. So when we went out together half of the time we will jio Mel along as well. At first she scared she 3rd party will interrupt us, but actually none of us minded, so over time, we became close, to the point where we were actually meeting up 3 – 4 times a week to study together.

So after a while I realized that while she’s quiet to most people, she can get really, really chatty once she’s become acquainted with someone. Needless to say, we chatted a lot about our lives during meet-ups, mostly on innocent stuff, until one day, 2 months after we started studying together, she asked me this question, super out of the blue…

Mel: “So… You and Cheryl (My girlfriend.), do it liao?”

Me: “Do what?” *I acted blur, but in my heart, I knew what she’s talking about. KNN.*

Mel: “Aiya don’t kay siao la you know what I am talking about… Hanky panky…”

*At this point in time I was thinking, wa lau this Mel, who on the surface liked anime, nice shoes and all those cutesy stuff and baking and super innocent will ask this kind of question? Similanjiao?*

Me: “EH! This kind of stuff should be personal ok… How can let you know one…?”

Mel: “Aiya don’t like that la… Or you shy? I not shy y……

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