Jam’s Jan

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Jam’s Jan

I walked into the living room and rubbed my blur eyes lightly. Jamie was lying on the sofa, reading a book. My eyes couldn’t help but stare onto her long, slim and tanned legs. And as my eyes traced further up onto her crotch, so nicely and deliciously wrapped under that tight boxer, I swallowed hard and cleared my throat lightly.

“Jamie…” I called out in a stern tone, and she sat up almost immediately.

“How many times must I tell you that this dress code is banned from this house except in your room?” I said.

Jamie slipped out her tongue and gave me an innocent look. My eyes now were on her chest, and her visible peaky nibbles pressing proudly against her white thin tank top. The soul sucking sight had again had my morning hard-on restored inside my boxer. I began to feel uneasy, and had to make silent deep breath to try to soften my rising bulge below.

“Dad… Take it easy… There’s only you and me in this house.” Jamie said.

“My dear… You are no longer a kid… And… I…” I had to start my nagging again… Something I hated to do.

“But you are my daddy…” Jamie stood up and pulled me on my arm.

“Daddy… Come here… See what I have prepared for you.” Jamie led me to the dining table and said.

My heart softened instantly…

“Hmm… This breakfast looks good… Smells good…” I smiled.

Jamie pulled me down onto the chair and hugged onto me from behind. I could feel her soft warm breasts and hot breath against my neck.

“Try it daddy…” She said.

I grabbed the fork and took a bite on the sausage.

“I will give this 100 marks…” I grinned and said.

Jamie gave me a kiss on my cheek. Suddenly she reminded me of my late wife Karen, who died in an accident 10 years ago. Jamie was only seven then.

“Ok… What’s up this time?” I asked.

“Dad…” Jamie gave me an innocent smile and wrapped herself tighter against me.

“I know you…” I said, and should have known her intention by now.

“I… I saw a wallet……

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