The Wife Swapping Trip

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The Wife Swapping Trip

Back in 2010, my husband, YY, once asked if I wanted to go on a trip to Bintan for a short getaway. We could leave our 15 month old boy with my mum while spending 2 nights on the island. I agreed immediately, but he then sheepishly suggested for AA and BB to come along with us.

AA was 35 then, standing at 1.65m and was pretty shapely (32D busts with a 23’ waist.), with pretty average looks. Her husband, BB, was 45 then standing at 1.85m with medium build and being ¼ Caucasian, he had dark blue eyes. They had been married for 5 years with a 3 year old boy. My husband, YY, stood at 1.68m with an average build and above average looks. He was 30 then. At that time, I was 26 and was taller than YY at 1.75m. Despite childbirth, I did not let my figure go to waste with regular exercises. I measured at 34C-24-32 then and now. Being a part time model, I considered myself with above average looks.

For the 2 months before the trip, AA and BB had been our swinging partners. On most Sundays, we would leave our kids with our maids at the indoor playground before heading to one of our homes for group sex, returning for them 3 hours later. It was an easy routine with no strings attached that brought variety into our sex lives and we practiced safe sex since both AA and I did not take contraceptives. Although it seemed YY had a better deal, but being the well-endowed one, BB had satisfied me in another way YY had been unable to do so. He was longer and also wider around the girth while being gentler so sex with him was more quality than quantity which suited me very much. While AA’s and YY’s high sex drive seemed to bring balance to us all.

After one of our usual sessions, YY brought up the suggestion. He elaborated that it could be a wife swapping trip where we stay with the other partner throughout the trip. AA was pretty excited and laid down some rules:

1. The wife-swap will take place the moment we cleared Indonesian custom and will cease when we left……

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