University Schoolmate – Ann

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University Schoolmate – Ann

My name is John, 21 year old currently and doing a degree in a local university. Over the past few months spent in school be it lectures or CCA’s, I had met many pretty girls and got to know quite a number of them. But there was this particular girl who never failed to catch my eyes. Her name is Ann. She’s about 1.64m, had long black flowing hair and a flawless complexion. What attracted me the most was her bright, round sparkling eyes that can easily mesmerize anyone. Her usual dress sense was a tank top that flaunted her figure with a mini skirt that would make all guys turn their head to take a second look at her long slender legs. She may dress up like a typical ‘Ah lian’ to some people, but often people failed to realize her angelic and rather innocent face.

I got to know her during my orientation camp a few months back. We didn’t really keep in contact after the camp though. Much as I wanted to find a chance to talk to her, but me being shy as always, didn’t dare to. Finally, one day, my chance came.

I was playing street soccer with my fellow lecture mates on a Thursday afternoon. Besides the street soccer court, there was the field where a group of girls was playing touch rugby. Usually when I played soccer I will remove my spectacles and thus I didn’t realize that Ann was actually one of them among the touch rugby girls.

“Wah, there the girls’ not bad leh. Got a few of them quite chio.” Ben made a remark after glancing over at the girls’ direction. Ben’s my good buddy of about 8 years, sharing the same Secondary School and Junior College as me.

“Play soccer lar, see what girls, wait I go tell Xiao Lin then you know.” I jokingly replied him. Xiao Lin was Ben’s new girlfriend whom he just met in the school.

While talking to Ben I didn’t realize the ball suddenly flew over. Playing as a defender and seeing Ben rather concentrating on the girls, I made a hurried attempt to clear the ball away. I hit the ball as hard as I could, away from the……

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