Secret of Uncle Wong

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Secret of Uncle Wong

Let’s start off with some brief description of characters:

Uncle Wong: A henpecked Uncle in his 50’s owning a small provision shop or mini mart under a HDB block in Hougang area. He usually started work in the morning and closed shop at 9 pm. Business was not so good, but he was still living in a comfortable life, thanks to his investment and some lucky TOTO money he struck some years ago. After work, he will go home straight to do all the house chores while his wife was likely to have some mahjong session with her kakis.

He was a quiet man, never talked much, only served her wife like a queen, but he still got to lay his wife and most of the time, he was like a sex toy to his wife, who was a cougar. She will make him lick her ass, sucked her toes and also licked her stinking hairy armpit, which was her fetish anyway.

Aunty Teo: A widow in her 40’s, lived in the block above Uncle Wong’s mini mart. She used to be an attractive housewife before her hubby passed away in a car accident some years ago. Now she had suffered from some mental illness, which at some times, she will behave like a small kid, but at times she was a normal aunty. Life was harsh for her, but fortunately, she was still surviving on the insurance paid out from her hubby.

Grace: A SYT, 17 years old, the only daughter of Aunty Teo, looked chio, standing at 1.6m and about 50 kg. B+ cup breasts which often attracted lots of vision from ti ko Uncles around her block. She was a timid, quiet person, never had any relationship before, a purely innocent virgin. She will work part time during weekends to supplement the income as they only depended on the insurance of her dad and it was soon depleted.

Stella: The only good friend of Grace, a typical ah lian, basically she befriended Grace because she can always help her with her homework. She was another SYT, liked to dress in low cut and mini skirt, always cursed and uttered vulgarities when Uncles looked at her. But she was still a……

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