Been rather inactive for sometime, and for people who knows, my…

Been rather inactive for sometime, and for people who knows, my school new term just started. So yeah.. Juggling school time and time that are use to engage my girls. 

Ok so back to the topic, the public corridor sex of angmoh and some spec girl which was so hot today or even yesterday. 

Really envy this angmoh as non of my ladies would do such a crazy thing with me unless there’s volunteers out there. However on the downside, I tend to attract gays easily as well, and a exhibitionist gay guy always ask me or even wanting to pay me for such act. Must be crazy, only enjoy making my ladies cum, not man. Also on a side note, so many freshies, so many FRESH targets in school. Haha, my followers may know what I’m thinking, getting new “school mates”. 

Really envy angmohs in singapore, chicks all fly to them willing without even much effort. And sorry, as I’ve mentioned many times, my ladies are not open for new people, they all have their situations and stuff so it’s best that not many people know that they’re slutty. 

Anyway signing off now, gonna go back chatting with this cute NUS lady now, maybe I’ll share some photos of her soon. Haven’t got a chance to do fun things with her yet.

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