A Young Maid, Myself and Our Memories

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A Young Maid, Myself and Our Memories

This happened a long time ago.

I fondly remember back in the old days when my parents hired a maid to help with the household chores. As both were working spouses, there was little time to finish the mundane chores by themselves. Well, what a delightful treat it became for a teen barely 18 at that time!

Maria had only recently stepped off the boat, having arrived from Sumatra to come here to boost her household income. She was a young lass of 20, but already a mother of two. My parents took a liking to her and she was hired that very day from the maid agency.

Everything was normal until one sunny afternoon…

(*Sniffs, sobbing sound coming from Maria’s room.)

Me: “What’s the matter sis? Why are you crying?”

Maria: “My husband wants a divorce, he says he has fallen in love with another woman from our village. I came all the way here to work and I’m so sad he has done this to me.”

Me: “Oh dear. It’s his loss that he dunno how to appreciate a young, beautiful woman like you.”

(I passed her the tissue box.)

Maria: “Thanks… You are so sweet to console me, I just want to be left alone… Please don’t tell sir and mom. I don’t want them to worry.”

I went back to my room, knowing that nothing at the moment could console her heartbroken state. Thinking back, Maria had such a shape-ful figure and attractive face, really don’t understand why a man would give her up… I would have given an arm or leg to screw her.

A week had passed since that incident. I came early one afternoon as my tuition was hastily cancelled due to the sick tutor. As I walked upstairs to my room (I lived in a double storey house.), I noticed that the common toilet door was slightly ajar and there was the sound of running water. I did not sense anything unusual as that door lock was already faulty, so I thought my maid was doing the laundry as she usually bathed downstairs.

I put my bag down and went over, thinking of asking her to cook some lunch for me. J……

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