Mission Accomplished!

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Mission Accomplished!

Story submitted by: Ben

This happened more than 10 years. I was still in the army working as commando regular. I was 25 years old. My buddy Mike had already ORD and was working in the private sector. He had many ONS, but this particular babe named Sandy, didn’t fall for his bait. We used to call Mike sex god, who had different partners almost every week.

After a coffee at our usual hangout, he wanted me to finish his mission.

Reluctantly, I agreed as at that time I already had a girlfriend and didn’t want to get into trouble.

I began texting Sandy, telling him I was Mike’s friend, Jacky. Initially she didn’t want to meet up. After more than 2 weeks, she finally agreed.

The day came and we met in town area. She was 1.65m, 21 years old, long wavy hair and doll like features.

What caught my attention were her sexy eyes and C cup tits.

Maybe I was a more handsome and gentle man than Mike (Keke.), Sandy seemed to have a better impression of me. We had a good chat and I tried to discuss more of her personal life.

She broke off with her boyfriend for 6 months and was currently single. She hinted that she wanted to find a boyfriend, like my type, tall, fit and pleasant looking. I tell myself, mai tu liao (Don’t wait already in Hokkien.), I must get her to be my part time girlfriend. After a few meet-ups, she became closer to me.

I told myself it was time to strike!

I told myself I got to prepare for this mission. Went for extra physical training, strict diet and even bought tonic wine for extra performance.

Round One

Her birthday was coming and I had prepared a romantic dinner at one of the higher end restaurants.

That night she dressed in a sexy night blouse exposing her cup C cleavage and a sexy dose of perfume. My dicky, instantly hardened upon seeing her arrival. We had our romantic dinner and I kept on saying many sweet things to her. She laughed and seemed to be enjoying herself a lot. After the dinner, I told her if she……

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