The Scent of a Woman

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The Scent of a Woman

First encounter

My first encounter with Liz was about a decade back. My project in China had just ended, and during my down time I was visiting a close relative (Who was there for work.), in China (Better not to name the city since it is not going to affect the relevance of this story.), and had the pleasure of staying in one of the better hotels there. This was the first time I was going to this city, and since it was a very close family, I decided to just put up in the same room, with an extra bed added to the room. (No, this is not a story about incest, and neither do I harbor any thoughts about my relative.)

Since my relative had to work the following day, I decided to go sightseeing by myself around the city. I got up bright and early that morning, had breakfast with my relative and after seeing her off in a cab from the hotel lobby, I decided to take to the streets on foot. I wandered around, stopping and looking at whatever caught my fancy, until I saw a lady sitting on a bench about 10 meters ahead of me, she was rubbing her ankle and appeared to be grimacing in pain. Seeing that she looked like a nice looking lady, I walked over and asked her in Mandarin if she was ok and if she needed any help.

Me: “小姐你好! 你沒事吧? 有甚麼可幫你的嗎?”

Lady: “我扭傷了腳, 現在很疼, 走不了.”

Me: “不如我幫你看看吧, 可以嗎?”

Lady: “好的…”

What happened was not sexy at all, I tried to massage her ankles, but the angry swollen veins just wouldn’t go away no matter how I tried. She told me that she had sprained her ankle while walking. Of course, other than a very typical amount of admiration for pretty ladies’ feet, it didn’t help that I did not have a foot fetish no matter how attractive they were. I felt sorry for her as I could tell that she was extremely well groomed and definitely not local.


A little visual on Liz – She looked about 28 then, with flawless porcelain skin on her face, long jet black hair and strangely, even though she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, she looked immacu……

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