anonfitcouple: Hubby got me a little surprise gift…my very…


Hubby got me a little surprise gift…my very first plug ?. I’ve always been a sucker for shiny things and this one feels amazingly sexy ??

This is one of my favourite blog of all time! That sexy jewel, I’d use my mouth to remove it;) Really always looking forward to the constant sexy updates, would be great if I can find such a daring girl or even better to be featured on my own blog. Oh well

And back to what i want to say, no, I do not provide the contacts of my girls so stop asking and get your own bitches to fuck. 

Been really inactive due to assignments and stuff, would be good if i can find a bitch in my school to have fun with. Well now’s recess, so if you’re in the same school, do hit me up for some quick fun. 

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