My Sex Diary!

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My Sex Diary!

Chapter 1 – Hand fetishism

The last day of school before the year-end holiday, I was Secondary 2, once again punished by our Maths teacher Miss Chee to stay back after school. I was only released after everybody had left and as usual, I went up to the top floor toilet for a smoke before leaving school. Before I can finish peeing at the urinal, Meiling slammed the toilet door open yelling, “Andy are you there?”

Meiling was a Secondary 4 ah lian, pony tail with this wow developed C cup with a figure of a vase. She was Andy’s girlfriend. (Andy also in Secondary 4, back then was one of my close basketball teammates, a gangster and a famous bully in school.)

I was stunned by her action as she approached.

Meiling: “Ah boy, you see Andy here?”

Before I can react, she’s already standing beside me waiting for an answer.

Me: “We will meet after school at Macdonald’s, think they are there waiting already.”

Meiling: “Then hurry up small dick!”

I was furious hearing her comments and replied.

Me: “What small, mine is bigger than Andy’s one ok!”

She gave a stare at my 2 IC and grabbed the small fellow and started stroking it, I was embarrassed at first but soon enjoying her participation.

My 2 IC did not disappoint me which grew into a monster soon after a few strokes.

Meiling: “Never thought that guy at your age can grow so big!”

Me: “Not all, it is mine that makes the difference!”

As she was so focused on my 2 IC, I found out that her left breast were rubbing against my right arm while she was doing her stroking, which gave me a good view of her cleavage from the opening of her uniform, wearing a half cup baby blue colored bra supporting her fair white huge boobs. We stayed in that position for about 2 minutes and I ejaculated this thick yellowish cum all over the urinal wall and floor.

Meiling: “Wow, you are not only big, you shoot a lot too!”

She gave me a smile and said: “Now clean up, we need to go!”

I hurried to wipe……

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