Labrador Run

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Labrador Run

This was my first time in public and nude. Bare nude and kinky in Singapore.

After a few exhibitionist streaks I thought it was time I play out my fantasies for real in the outdoors.

After a lot of speculations and internal debate, I decided on Labrador Park. It’s usually not crowded. Most of the crowd is in during evening or weekends. Daytime not many people are around in the park. I have done a few rounds to make sure.

But just the thought of being nude and open in daylight always gets my pussy wet.

Well, finally the day came, I selected Wednesday, as it was midweek and most people would be deep in their work schedules.

There were two popular trails – one around the sea, the other one through the trees and fauna where you would find the cannons. I selected the cannon trail, knowing that it would be covered by vegetation at all times and would give me cover if required.

I was wearing a hot shorts that day and a tank top that barely covered my breasts. It showed my bare midriff with the lower edge of my breasts and my pierced belly button.

As I walked in a bit, I realized I was all alone in the area. Not only did I want to be nude, but I wanted to ensure I didn’t chicken out. So at that spot I took off my top and shorts to show my dripping pussy and hard nipples standing straight. I did not wear any panties or bra.

I found a nice spot where I hid my clothes. Now I was completely on my own. If I needed to wear clothes in a hurry, I wouldn’t be able to and the only way I could get to my clothes was by giving an eyeful to everyone around. There could be people I knew, or my friends, but that thrill made my wet pussy dripped juice.

The thought of getting myself caught and the thrill of being nude walking outdoors was getting me wild. The afternoon air even though balmy was getting my pussy flooding with juice and nipples pointing straight up. I was having constant goosebumps. My clit was so huge now, every step was rubbing it and sending……

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