At the Beach

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At the Beach

It had been a long and an incredibly boring day, and it was five hours before I spotted these two, frolicking on the beach with a group of their friends. This was why I had signed up to be a lifeguard, so I could sit on my high seat and ogle at the many SYT’s in their bikinis. I stared at them through my binoculars on the pretext of watching the sea for drowning people. Oops.

As night fell and the end of my shift approached, I continued to watch these two girls playing in the sand. By this time, the rest of their friends had already left, leaving only these two. Now, I studied body language at school, and I immediately noticed that the girl in the purple and black bikini (Girl A.), wanted a little more than friendship from the girl in the pastel colored bikini (Girl B.). She was constantly finding excuses to touch girl B’s chest, her ass, and would keep trying to bring her face in close to girl b’s, almost as though going for a kiss. I crossed my fingers and hoped something would spark between these two.

Alas, it was not to be. As my shift ended, my lifeguard buddies came over to my post with a few cans of beer, for our nightly drink before going off. All this while, the two girls were still there, now lying in the sand watching the stars. When we finished our drinks, the guys all made for home, while I headed to the washroom to answer nature’s call. I purposely walked closer to the place the girls had been, but dammit, they weren’t there. Their stuff was still there though, so I figured they had gone to the washroom. I quickened my pace, hoping to catch a glimpse of them at the washroom.

They weren’t outside, but I could hear giggling in the girls’ washroom. They must have been inside. I went on to use the toilet, and when I got out, standing there, facing away from me, was girl B. She was tall, maybe 168 cm, and had a svelte figure. And her ass. She had such a perky ass. She was shouting for the girl inside to hurry up, while playing with her bikini……

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