How I Came to Fuck My Insurance Agent

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How I Came to Fuck My Insurance Agent

It all began in University. She wasn’t an agent then. We were studying at the same University and we were introduced by a common friend. To me, she was not very pretty. Looked like a CFM version of Fish Leong and she had pimple scars on her face. She was the chor-lor type, very direct, laughed loudly, and always went around punching people. But her body was to die for. She only wore La Senza, and they were all C cup minimums. We were of the same age, but she looked mature. Anyway, I was single at that time, and she was attached.

Even then, she would come to me for help with her course work. She would come to my room, sit on the same chair with me, in front of the computer, while I helped her finish her project. Our thighs, hands, and hip, were touching constantly, and I would have an erection throughout the night. Sometimes she would get tired of waiting and she slept in my bed while I worked through the night. Why did I do it? Because a lot of times, because of her chor-lor-ness, my arm had bumped into her breasts many times, in various manners and situations, accidentally.

I had apologized, and she would pause, looked at me, and said, “It’s okay if it is you.”

When she broke up with her boyfriend, she would come to my apartment to swim. We would swim or just soaked together and later, she would come over to my place to change and bathe. Sometimes she would just refuse to bathe, but instead just sat in front of my computer in her swimming suit. Or sometimes, she would just drop by to chat and took a shower to freshen up from the hot weather. Before she would take a bath, she would shoo me out of the room. She would undress and went into my attached bathroom. I was supposed to come in after I heard the bathroom door close.

A few times of this, after I gauged that she would be in the shower for at least twenty minutes on average, I took her folded panties and bra and smelled them as long as I dared. The third onwards, I just put her panties on my……

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