Our Little Secret

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Our Little Secret

Story submitted by: Mesieur

Her name was Charmaine. She was fifteen, a year younger than me. She was this little cheerful girl that I got to know through the council board. Me being the president of the council board, I knew almost everyone by their name and face. But her face stuck out among the rest. She wore black, full framed specs, had long black hair and a banging hourglass body. I couldn’t understand how someone her age could have B to C cup breasts and a nice ass. She was always cheerful, and never had a boyfriend (As far as I knew.), so I thought why not give it a go right?

During the introduction of the new batch of SC’s, I was to make an opening speech. I walked to the room where the rest of the recruits were sitting, and she was there holding the door for me. Unknowingly, I looked at her with a straight face and said, “Go in.” She did as instructed and went to sit down. I was known for my strictness in whatever I do, in my CCA and the SC board, so I stood in front of them, and they immediately went silent. I heard my fellow executive committee (Exco.), members saying “Whoa.” when they heard the immediate silence. I looked at all of them, scanning through their faces. Again, her face popped up like a sore thumb, only that the thumb was a fair, well dressed thumb with lovely lady lumps (Check it out.). I looked at them again, and laughed,

“Why you people so silent? Scared I kill you issit? Relax lah wei, first meeting only.”

They all laughed, but when I looked at her, she was biting her lips, as if signaling to me something, I brushed it off, as I wasn’t really close to her, and it was my first time seeing all the recruits. But I always remembered the lip biting.

Fast forward a few weeks later, during a night parent-teacher-conference, the SC were on duty, and I had to manage everyone. I paired us together, and in very secluded, private areas too. By that time, I had already noticed her banging body, and she was ever so close to me…….

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