The Three That Changed Me

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The Three That Changed Me

I was a late bloomer. My first real date was when I was 25 and my first time at any form of any sexual relations even later. But I will get there in time.

Three guys changed my life in different ways, to become the person I am today.

Numero uno: K

K and I met while we were working in one of the banks. He was four years older at 29 when we met, tall (Around 1.8 m.), and well-groomed, probably due to his job as a banker, which required him to face his clients at any time. From exchanging mails, to phone calls, makan sessions, we soon got together, but it wasn’t met with approval. Because K had a reputation of being a bit of a playboy. Being in the honeymoon period, I brushed it aside and did not think too much about it. Time would tell. And indeed it did.

For a while, K was the perfect boyfriend. Which girl wouldn’t appreciate gentlemanly like gestures like opening doors, accompanying on shopping trips, during dinner cutting up the meats / de-boning the fish etc for me, delivering lunch over when I was too busy to get my own (From Orchard to Raffles Place.). And when I seemed under the weather, got me herbal tea… Then his old habits kicked in, and I saw it with my own eyes as it all slowly unfolded before me…

Even before that, I was already becoming aware of some of K’s less than desirable traits. His drinking. I lost count of how many times he got alcohol poisoning. The speed demon in him. He loved to drive at high speeds of at least 120 km/h. It wasn’t that much of a worry for me until he upgraded from a cute Japanese sedan to a Mercedes SLK XXX series. (He of course did some ‘upgrades’ around to the suspensions, tires, rims and I forgot what else that he mentioned to me.) Clubbing. At least 4 / 7 days a week. (That was where I later learnt, he had met many of the girls he hooked up with.)

Back to the main story. I first saw for myself the potential that the rumors of being a playboy during a rare occasion when I decided to join……

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