Mixed Ultimate Frisbee

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Mixed Ultimate Frisbee

What could get a guy out of bed early at 6.30 am on a Saturday? Ultimate frisbee, of course. Specifically, mixed ultimate frisbee. Did I mention the girls on our team were quite hot stuff? Our weekday trainings often had visitors from the stands checking the girls out. It was public knowledge that guys would turn up when we had trainings. Even the girls themselves knew (And if you asked me, I think it only boosted their confidence in putting up a show whenever we trained or played.).

Today’s match would be a friendly between members of the school team and recreational team. Our coach wasn’t going to be there, since this wasn’t scheduled practice, but hey, the girls were more than worth the early morning trip out of bed.

As I was warming up, doing my own stretches along the benches near the grandstand, the captain of the recreational team came up to me with two of his friends.

“Eh bro, I know today’s match is only a friendly, but maybe you want to play for some incentives?”

“Go away Clement. If this is another one of your silly bets to make me give up the school team captaincy to you, or to take you into our team, you know my answer.”

“It’s not that bro. It’s…”

My eyes widened as Clement outlined his bet: The guys on the winning team get to take the girls on the losing team in the locker room after the match.

“Clement, your girlfriend is on your team. Why would you…”

“It’s simple. We fought last night and she made a bet with me that we couldn’t beat you today. She even offered herself as a prize to you if you won. I told her that the game was on, but only if we could take the girls on your team if we did. So what do you say? Are you game? Are you man enough?”

Fueled on by Clement’s words, I agreed. We parted ways, and I went back to my team to give my usual captain’s pep talk. I wanted to rile them up because of what was at stake, though I told them that the recreational team had done their usual trash talking and that we should……

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