Perks of a Co-Pilot

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Perks of a Co-Pilot

The road to become a qualified pilot on our national carrier is a long and uncertain path. From the initial batch of 43 trainees, only 8 survive the stage to qualify as a co-pilot. Unfortunately, in order to clock enough hours in the plane, I had to relocate to Indonesia for two years. Many with families dropped out at this stage, but I was single, so I took the chance after getting advice from my senior captains.

As part of the package, I was stationed in Jakarta and the company put me up in a service apartment together with another co-pilot. For the first half year, both of us were taking turns flying the same flight. As such, only one of us is in the apartment at any one time.

Many guys dreamed about becoming flight steward because of the stewardess, but let me share this secret that the real perks was to be a pilot.

These were my encounters…

The average age of girls applying to be stewardess was around 19. Most applied directly after their A levels or Poly. Although they underwent the training to become more sophisticated, many were still very naive.

Take Pearlyn as an example. She was a very pretty girl that looked like Patty Hou. A bit blur and was very sweet. Fresh from training, she was attached to my flight for the first few weeks and I got to know her while waiting to clear customs. One thing about her was that she was not very tall (Compared to most of the girls.). She tried to make up for it by wearing high heels, but it affected how she walked. Think she was still not used to it.

As we walked towards our aircraft, she took a tumble unglamorously and I quickly helped her up. Can you imagine all the passengers in the transit lounge looking at her? She was so embarrassed, but I quickly helped her to move away quickly. As she walked towards our aircraft, she was sobbing and I tried to cheer her up, although that was the first time we met.

As our flight got on the way, I kinda forgot about her until I requested for some snacks……

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