Cheryl. My First.

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Cheryl. My First.

This is the story of my first girlfriend, Cheryl. (All names changed.)

We had met in JC, and even till then I was still a virgin. A goody boy type, I had never even had a girlfriend before.

She was the more popular sort, and clearly had a few boyfriends already. Her short hair was very fitting with her big eyes and cute face. I took an instant liking to her, but being the newbie, I did not dare to approach someone else so much higher up the social ladder. But luckily for me, it seemed she liked me too… For what reason I will never know.

Anyway, it had been a few weeks and suddenly my friend (Who was also our mutual friend.), nudged me, and said, “Dude, I think she likes you. She just asked me to ask you for your number. You should go talk to her.” And so that was how it started.

I went up and talked to her, awkwardly at first. And I carefully chose the recess time when her friends weren’t around… “Erms. Hi? I’m B, you’re Cheryl right? How’s school been?”

But she was very kind and friendly, and made me feel totally at ease. Soon we were chatting away, oblivious to everyone else. This continued on for a few weeks…

Then she had to transfer schools. Moved to another JC after the first three months…

But thankfully, we continued to chat over MSN and through sms-es.

Eventually, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and we got attached. Despite all the chatting, I had never once sat down close to her, nor held her hand. That time, when we went on our first date as boyfriend girlfriend, we went to Macdonald’s, sat there and ate. It was kinda awkward. Me being shy and all, just sat opposite her. Then she giggled, and asked me to come over and sat next to her. That was my first time sitting so close to a girl, I could even smell her sweet scent. Totally lost in it, could even feel the warmth of her leg next to me.

Then she slipped her hand around my arm and leaned her head on my shoulders. “We should do this more often. I like it,” she……

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