Quickie Buddy with OL in Office / Office Tower

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Quickie Buddy with OL in Office / Office Tower

Some years ago, I was working in the Raffles Place area. It was a great change from my previous job, which was in an industrial estate. The sight at CBD area was really quite nice, especially during lunch hours where you can see pretty OL’s strutting their stuff near the MRT station and elsewhere.

I just loved to ogle at those pretty long legs with high heels right in front of my eyes…

I was appointed as the finance head of an MNC. I got my corner room in a posh building, overseeing Raffles MRT station. As you may have already known, the finance department was usually made up of ladies, those who were in this line will agree with me. Even during my yearly statutory audits, most of the external auditors were female!

It was well into the third month of my new job that I realized one of my subordinates, a busty married lady who was only about 26 year old was always finding opportunities to chat with me. Although she reported to one of the finance managers who in turn reported to me, she always popped up at my room to chit chat… We talked about anything under the sun, resource planning for special finance projects, accounting treatments, and soon the topic drifted to family, kids, and personal well-being, spa, etc… I could see it coming and dropped a few hints to test the water. Soon, it was confirmed that she was very horny and always felt that her IT husband did not pay enough attention to her even though she was easily a 7.5 in looks category and had a cup size of at least 36C (This was confirmed later during one of our encounters to be described later.).

One fine day, it was month end close. My busty colleague (Let’s call her Priscilla.), was working late with the rest of the team. As the Oracle system was down for a considerable amount of time, the team had to work extremely hard to play catch up in order to meet the cut off time. Priscilla was quite sway, as her work duties were the most voluminous, relative to the rest… Soon the……

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