Xiao Hui and I

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Xiao Hui and I

I met Xiao Hui when I was working in my company, a small SME that dealt with semi-conductor sales. She was only 20, and had just graduated from Singapore Poly. She was very sweet, with a gentle voice and such a caring disposition. From her first day at work, she would greet all of us with a big smile, and greet us with her crystal clear voice.

Her usual attire was a modest top that never ever revealed anything, and long flare skirts that tapered off near her ankles. A very proper girl, she was very well groomed and well behaved, and in the one year that I had known her, never once had a bad thing to say about anyone in the office. She had bright twinkly eyes, long and straight hair, and her figure could never be clear to us because she didn’t ever wear anything revealing. Nevertheless, she was definitely not fat, and the only question the guys in the office ever had revolved around how full her figure was when she took off those clothes. The reason why everyone would keep mentally undressing her because her face was to die for. As fresh-faced a girl as you would ever come across, she had the ability to make you stop in your steps with one look from her innocent eyes, and that natural smile that came to her so easily.

I was her immediate supervisor, and being five years older than her, always fancied that perhaps if we could spend enough time together, something might happen between us. But she was very careful, and never once allowed any guy to get close to her. It became very frustrating since she was obviously no cock tease, but she was also evidently not interested in an office romance.

A few times I managed to get near enough to her at work to breathe in her sweet aroma, and a couple of times I even managed to get a down blouse peek. Every time she would be wearing a full cup bra that revealed and gave away nothing, much to my disappointment. But she had a really heavenly scent, always making me wondered what sort of perfume or body wash she……

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