Our Ten Most Read Stories of 2015

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Our Ten Most Read Stories of 2015

There are a total of 157 Singapore or Malaysia adult stories published in 2015. Of these 157 stories, the following ten gems are the most read. We have included a small paragraph from each of these best stories.

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Number 1: Fifteen

Selene: “James ah, don’t mind you head back first ar, Cidney and I need some alone time.”

Beng Soon stopped thrusting and got Cidney up, he turned her around, asking her to sit down on the sofa, but the moment Cidney sat down, she stood up again, she seemed like she was refusing a position Beng Soon wanted. I was feeling a little sad that Cidney was gone, but on the other hand, with Cidney off my twisted mind, I began thinking about Selene. I totally saw Beng Soon checking Selene out in front of Aaron and I was damn aroused when I saw Selene laughed and subconsciously brushing back her hair. Now there was a 50-50 chance of Selene agreeing to go for lunch with Beng Soon, I had actually planned for Aaron and her to join Beng Soon, and the plan was for Beng Soon to flirt and shower Selene with attention.

Number 2: My Pretty Tuition Teacher

I think it was a mutual understanding that she knew I felt a little weird now and I knew she too felt a little weird. Then after a while, being the 1st time, very shortly, little bro was overwhelmed and I knew I was cumming, I quickly pulled out little bro and cummed on her tummy and I collapsed. I didn’t wanna pull my little bro out, so I closed my eyes, and hugging Jessica, we turned to the side where little bro was still inside, slowly becoming smaller, we were still connected and hugging her, after the exercise and the alcohol, we drifted to sleep. And finally, when little bro felt it, I increased the speed by a little, Jessica knew I was……

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