I Became a Beast to My Maid

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I Became a Beast to My Maid

As I walked into the maid agency, I noticed immediately a group of about six to seven Filipinos sitting together talking to each other. I was there to pick up my maid, which the agency had arranged for me. My wife had recently given birth. As with most Singaporean families, that meant getting a maid to see to the housework as well as take care of the baby because most of us could not do without the additional income that the wife can bring home.

I scanned the faces of the future maids and could not see any worth bonking. Well, they were here to serve as domestic help and not to serve the needs of Singaporean men, so what the heck. I went to the counter and introduced myself to the receptionist. She did a quick check into her file that was on her table and told me that she would now introduce me to the maid the agency had arranged for me.

She next turned to the direction of the group of Filipinos and called out the name ‘Maria’. A young gal about the age of 21 to 23 stood up and walked toward us. She was ordinary looking, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. At least she was slim with some curves, I thought to myself. The receptionist did a quick introduction between Maria and me and told Maria to go and pick up her belongings. That was done quickly and I bade the receptionist farewell and brought my maid to my car.

As I was driving home, I briefly told Maria what her responsibilities were and what would be my expectations as far as her work was concerned. Details of pay as well as days off were also given. Throughout the journey, she kept very quiet except for the on and off “Yes sir.” Very demure and obedient I thought to myself. At a traffic light, I turned towards her as I was talking to her and discovered from the side view that she had a pair of big knockers, about C to D cups. Got to make her do some housework that required her to jump up and down. That would be a real treat to the senses, I quietly chuckled.

We reached home and I did the normal……

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