I Had Rarely Thought About Anybody Else but My Sister as I Masturbated

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I Had Rarely Thought About Anybody Else but My Sister as I Masturbated

I watched as my 20 years old sister trudged into the kitchen, grunting a greeting and grabbing a bowl before sitting down opposite me. Tanya was two years older than me, with thick, wavy brown hair that came to her shoulders.

“Good morning to you too, sister dearest,” I replied jovially as Tanya poured some cereal into her bowl.

Tanya snorted. “Right. Why are you even up this early? It is not like you do anything all day anyway. Might as well sleep in.”

It was true. It was the break in between ‘A’ levels and my enlistment into the army, and was spending my mini break enjoying life at home while Tanya was already in a local university.

“The early bird gets the worm, as I am sure they’ve taught you in your business classes,” I replied.

“Wow. Profound. You should really teach the course,” Tanya said, then began to eat her cereal.

We continued to eat in silence, until Tanya finished and got up to get ready for school. I watched admiringly as the real reason I got up so early revealed itself. As Tanya bent over to put her bowl in the dishwasher, the oversized shirt that she wore rode up and gave me a wonderful view of her panty clad ass. Today she wore a thin, tight pair of pink boy shorts. Such images had plagued me with guilt throughout my teenage years, but eventually I had accepted that my sister was simply incredibly hot and now eagerly awaited these glimpses.

What had finally broken my defenses was when one morning Tanya walked in wearing a tank top and a lacy black thong. The top hadn’t even reached the panties, giving me an amazing view of her tight ass as she walked around the kitchen. Somehow she didn’t seem to realize that what she was wearing was wildly inappropriate, even if only I would be seeing her. I guess she just always assumed that, as her brother, I wouldn’t think anything of it. On the contrary, since that day I had rarely thought about anybody else but my sister as I masturbated.

As soon as Tanya had left for her……

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