Story of the Special Love My Sister and I Share!

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Story of the Special Love My Sister and I Share!

Story submitted by: Ghosting

Some background info about me: I was the brother Ernest, 19 this year, currently studying at an institute of tertiary education. I came from a divorced family. My mother got to keep the kids (My sister, Clara, who was 17 this year and myself). We never heard from our father again, but it didn’t really matter. My sister and I were very close when we were young and I had always loved her. After the divorce of a marriage of six years, our mother went through severe depression and most of the time it was up to me to take good care of Clara. However, when Clara entered secondary school, we grew more and more distant. Perhaps she was adapting to the changes between a girl’s school and a mixed school. Maybe the exposure to boys led to her distancing herself from me? Maybe she got introduced to porn? Perhaps I would have to ask her one of these days. The story that followed highlighted the turning point in both our lives, where we transitioned into something more than a normal platonic relationship that is shared between normal siblings.

Like everybody else, I had sexual needs and while most guys would not mind choking the chicken with their hands, I needed something different – a novelty. That was why I purchased sex toys, Onaholes, for those who were familiar with the sex toys terminology. Everything was going well, that was until my then 16 year old little sister Clara discovered what my other unusual hobbies were, besides irritating her.

After every session with my beloved toys, I would wash them, spray some antibacterial toy cleaner solution inside the toy, dried them with a cloth and almost always remembered to keep them neatly locked away in my wardrobe compartment. Except one faithful night after a tiring and ball-blowing session, I had completely forgotten to lock my secret stash chest. I guessed washing it every time after use had become a chore for me and especially that time after having such a blast, I was fatigued……

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